Kulur Group Headed to the 2024 African-American Marketing Association Marketing For The Culture Summit

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, being able to think outside the box is now more important than ever. Kulur Group, a diverse-owned challenger brand agency, is leading the charge in this effort. On June 6th, 2024, in Houston, TX, three of the agency’s thought leaders will be showing off their expertise at the African-American Marketing Association’s (AAMA) Marketing For The Culture Summit. Described as “the go-to marketing event for Black marketers to attend,” this conference is a must-attend for business owners and brands who want to tap into the power of culturally relevant marketing strategies.

Nicholas Love: Embracing the Challenger Brand Mentality

Returning to this year’s summit is CEO, Nicholas Love, with his highly anticipated session titled, “ Dope Thinkers Only - Why A Challenger Brand Mentality Is Critical To Success.” The session is expected to draw significant attention as he explores the importance of adopting a challenger brand mentality.

In an industry dominated by big players, Nick argues that success hinges on the ability to think differently and challenge the status quo. “Oftentimes, when people think about diverse-owned agencies, they aren’t known for having intelligence as a part of their core positioning,” said Nicholas Love. “At the Kulur Group, being a DOPE Thinker is a part of the price of admission to work here. We focus on leveraging audience, channel, asset and artificial intelligence to power human intelligence and as a result, DOPE thinking happens and naturally, a challenger mentality shows up in our work and how we counsel.” His talk will help attendees understand why it’s crucial to adopt this mindset and how it can drive success, no matter the size of your brand.

Willie Blue: Disrupting, Connecting, Winning

Making his debut at the summit is Willie Blue, EVP and Chief Brand Officer of Kulur Group. Willie will join the “Archetypes: Disrupt. Connect. Win.” panel, where his expertise on brand archetypes and their role in creating disruptive and connective brand narratives will be on display.

Willie’s approach to branding emphasizes exploring the soul of a brand, and how brands can differentiate themselves through consistent and authentic positioning. “I’m excited to share and build with like-minded professionals, business leaders, and brand enthusiasts alike,” said Willie. “Marketing For The Culture is a great opportunity to network, expand my knowledge in all areas of marketing, all while bringing a little more Kulur to the room.” His insights are expected to inspire attendees to rethink their branding strategies; offer a fresh perspective on how brands can resonate deeply with their audiences; and embrace the power of archetypes to build stronger, more engaging brands.

Safaniya Stevenson: Clarity in Messaging

Also debuting at the summit is Safaniya Stevenson, a Marketing Advisor at Kulur Group. She will participate in the “Cut Through The Noise: Clarity In Messaging” panel.

In a world saturated with information and overwhelmed with hundreds of marketing messages a day, Safaniya’s insights on achieving clarity in messaging are invaluable. She will discuss the techniques for creating concise, compelling, and clear messages that capture attention and drive engagement. “So much marketing noise is coming from our very own marketing efforts! I’m excited to talk about the ways marketers can leverage things like social listening and other AI tools to create crystal clear focus when talking to their audiences.” Safaniya’s expertise is sure to help businesses refine their communication strategies and ensure their messages stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The 2024 African-American Marketing Association’s Marketing For The Culture Summit is set to be an enlightening event for both business owners and brands seeking to enhance their marketing strategies. With the dynamic trio of Nicholas Love, Willie Blue, and Safaniya Stevenson representing Kulur Group, attendees are sure to gain valuable insights into the power of a challenger brand mentality, the significance of brand archetypes, and the importance of clarity in messaging. Kulur Group’s participation not only highlights their leadership in the industry, but also brings Kulur for the culture.

Business owners and brands looking to stay ahead in the competitive marketing landscape should not miss the opportunity to learn from these thought leaders. Mark your calendars for June 6th, 2024, and join the Kulur Group at the Marketing For The Culture Summit in Houston, TX.

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