Bridging the Wealth Gap: Grambling State University Alumni Leading the Charge

LeeAnah James

In a time when economic disparities are stark and initiatives such as the Fearless Fund are receiving judicial pushback, driving initiatives to reduce wealth gaps in underserved communities is more critical now than ever. NOLA in Kulur, a bold new intellectual and cultural movement led by Kulur Group and Captivate Marketing Group, is set to address this pressing issue on July 4th, bringing together influential leaders from across the nation who dare to disrupt in a big way in pursuit of a more equitable nation and culture 

The Grambling State University Factor & Influence 

Organized in 1896 by a group of Black farmers, Grambling State University is an HBCU steeped in Black culture and tradition with a rich history of nurturing the intellectual stimulation of aspiring academics who were often rejected based on race by predominantly white institutions. Notable Grambling alumni include New York Times columnist and MSNBC political analyst Charles Blow, Margaret Carter, the first Black woman elected to Oregon's legislature, and Alicia Reece, former Ohio House of Representatives member. The university also boasts renowned jazz musician Bob French, and the first Black quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl, Doug Williams.

A new trio of graduates aim to build on the bold legacy of exceptional Grambling alumni. Together, they are flexing their collective strength to ignite a new fire of possibilities, cultivating a culture where every voice is valued, every opportunity is embraced, and every dream is nurtured.

Nicholas Love, CEO of Kulur Group and two-time Grambling graduate, shares, "Though we didn't initially intend it, NOLA in Kulur has turned into an incredible opportunity to both highlight some of the incredible talent grown at Grambling, while also building community among black-owned businesses, leaders and key decision makers. The time is now to emphasize the importance of not only networking up, but also networking across. We know community drives reputation, which informs relationships and enhances revenue. We're at a critical juncture in history ahead of this upcoming election, and Kulur Group is proud to champion Dope Thinking for good."

NOLA In Kulur: A Movement Towards Black Economic Growth

NOLA In Kulur is timely, happening a month shy of what would be the 100th birthday of author James Baldwin at the iconic Baldwin & Co. Bookstore in the Big Easy, during a time when Black-owned businesses have seen a whopping 30% exponential growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, America's Black population has increased from 36.2 million in 2000 to 46.8 million in 2019, according to the US Census. However, despite these gains, Black consumers remain underserved, representing a significant business opportunity for diverse-owned businesses willing to step up and stand in the gap. 

New research from McKinsey shows that enhancing access to tailored goods and services could generate $300 billion annually. NOLA in Kulur aims to boost networking among Black-owned businesses, raise awareness of Black buying power, and increase financial literacy to help close the racial wealth gap. A special highlight of NOLA in Kulur is a live, thought-provoking "Dope Thinkers Only" discussion on ending racial health and wealth disparities in America. Dr. Martin Lemelle Jr., a proud Gramblinite and newly appointed president of Grambling State University, will lend his voice to the esteemed panelists, drawing from his extensive experience in leadership and finance.

"NOLA In Kulur is more than just a night to remember; it's a call to action and movement towards economic and health equity for our communities," remarked Dr. Martin Lemelle Jr. "It's about turning our collective power and creative energy into something remarkable as previous Grambling alumni have done before us, which is our duty, and we wholeheartedly accept the charge."

Another featured Gramblinite to NOLA In Kulur is award-winning author Harold Green, whose vibrant storytelling and passionate, lyrical delivery captivate domestic and international audiences alike. Since graduating from Grambling, Mr. Green has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Ebony and made guest appearances on The Jennifer Hudson Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, among many others. 

"Grambling has always been a beacon of excellence, and this event is a testament to the power of our community and commitment to drive change and create opportunities," said Harold Green. 

Reserve your spot to attend NOLA In Kulur and join the ranks of DOPE leaders who dare to light the way toward a future where unity reigns and equity in health and wealth thrives. 

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